Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Rules of Being a Roommate

First off let me begin with that I have lots of experience in being a roommate. I've had more than I care to count. Some good. Some bad. Oddly enough in my experience it hasn't been the big things that make it a bad roommate situation but the little things that repeat day after day. I'm going to start with my list of roommate pet peeves. The things that will set you off on the wrong foot with me. And well once you are on my bad side you don't have a chance. I of course will continue to add as more come to me and are in no particular order.

1. DO NOT move my things. I don't like other people touching my things and usually I have them in a place for a reason. If I want them moved I'll move them or if they are in your way please ask me to move them. You don't know what you might mess up.

2. DO NOT open a door to a room that isn't community space or your own room without knocking. And ensure that your guests don't do it either. It is rude and inconsiderate and who knows what you could walk in on.

3. My food is my food. Do not touch it, don not move it, do not throw it away and most importantly do not eat it. I'm not saying I'm not the sharing type and you know more times than not if you ask me can I have ]this. I will say yes but that's the point do not go near it without asking permission first.

4. Think before you speak. Do not make your first impression be a question about age, weight, race, politics etc. That question has a lingering effect and since you have to live with the person you might want it to be something more genuine. Hey here's a concept how about starting with an introduction.

5. Clean up after yourself but don't be anal. Everyone has different levels of cleanliness and I know I am leaning more towards a slob than a neat freak. But that's in my own domain. AndI can keep my room however I please. But in areas you share with others please don't be disgusting. Clean your hair out of the tub after you shower, clean up spills in the kitchen, and rinse out the sink when you are done. But do not be so anal that you are rearranging everything because something has a stain on it. Or so Anal that you come in and completely rearrange and scrub the whole place so that you make others ill at the smell or can't find their things. Or that you can't stand a little dirt. You are sharing with other people it's bound to not stay neat and tidy live with it or get your own place.

6. DO NOT come in and try to rearrange and take over the place. If you are not the owner or the first person in a place do not move in and begin changing rugs, shower curtains or other household items without checking first. Do not think just because you don't like that color that you have the right to change it. Do not come in and walk through the place as if you own with all disregard for those around you.

7. DO Not Be wasteful. OK I'm the last person in the world that will talk be green and all that environmentalist mumbo jumbo. But I do believe in being cost efficient and saving money. Do not be wasteful of the utilities. If you aren't in a room turn off the light unless you are immediately returning. Under NO circumstances should the a/c ever be below 70. I don't want to live in an ice box. And most importantly do not have the a/c on at any temperature if you have patio doors and windows open. It will not cool down and is a waste of both energy and money.

Gee you know I guess what I'm saying is be considerate of those you live with. Realize you have differences and be accommodating and not alienating. You will find that if you ask or discuss FIRST rather than just doing things will go a lot smoother and you won't find that you have those speed bumps along the way. But why should it surprise me that people don't consider common courtesy of those they live with when most people don't know how to even be polite to those we share air with everyday.